Engineering and Development

Hamilton & Co has over 12 in-house engineers spread over 3 countries with various domains of expertise and 1 senior architect allowing the team to supervise all aspects of a renovation or construction site.

The team has the ability to manage sites ranging from a simple 300 sqm renovation to a full 11 hectares development project.

Services provided:

Project Management

  1. Coordination of suppliers
  2. Supervision of plans, designs and documents
  3. Contract management
  4. Reporting
  5. Control of schedules

Permit Management

  1. Planning and building Permits
  2. Change of usage
  3. Final building approvals
  4. Final usage approvals

Cost & Quality Management

  1. Project optimization
  2. Project budgetisation
  3. Tender documentation and management
  4. Cost & quality control
  5. Site supervision
  6. Handover management
  7. Documentation management
  8. Warranties

Technical Management

  1. Technical supervision of buildings
  2. Reporting
  3. Recommendations

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