JF Hamilton Real Estate

Established in 2005 to consolidated the activities of the French owners of the Hamilton Group in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company focuses on the acquisition of buildings already generating a certain yield but offering capital value increase either because acquired at a low price or because it offers renovation/restructuring possibilities. The portfolio of the company spreads all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a strong focus on residential assets. Currently the company owns 30 buildings representing 200,000 sqm and a value of CZK 2.5 billion.

odkaz: www.jfhrealestate.eu

JF Hamilton Developments

Established in 2008, JF Hamilton Developments focuses primarly on land bank with development potential and equity participation in development projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company has already developed an 1 hectare project with 40% pre-sold covering all the project costs. It has received planning permit for a 11.7 hectare development project with a further 6 hectare potential. The company also succesfully invested and sold a development project in Northern Slovakia which generated a ROE of 55% in 11 months.

Hamilton & Co